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Nutanix acropolis block services–part03

In this post (Part:03) I’m covering how to configure Nutanix Acropolis Block Services (ABS). Before I start I would like to recap what was covered in Part01 and Part02.

In Part01, I covered the basics of ABS, notably new terminology, and its benefits over the previously introduced iSCSI services. I also took the opportunity to discuss in detail the use cases, especially Oracle database support.

In Part02, I discussed various considerations illustrating design considerations, especially CVM Failure scenario.

“In summary Part01 & Part02 are great to read about, but how do I actually get started fiddling around with this for myself?”

It is the main goal of this “How to post”, it is a long post. I will first configure iSCSI initiator. For iSCSI initiator, I’m using Windows 2012 R2. In case you wish to know Linux part refer official guide from Nutanix. Continue reading Nutanix acropolis block services–part03

Nutanix Acropolis Block Services – PART01

First and Foremost, Acropolis Block Services (ABS) is not new, in fact, it was always there in the form of iSCSI based block storage presented for WSFC since AOS 4.5 release. As a matter of fact, the newly released Acropolis Block Services (ABS) has more manageability and better performance which the reason it is recommended by Nutanix to use Acropolis Block Service going forward. Hold on: If you are using MPIO right now, you don’t need to worry as it won’t affect your current configuration even when upgrading to AOS4.7, but Nutanix recommends you start planning the conversion of Existing Volume groups and redirect iSCSI initiators to use ABS. Continue reading Nutanix Acropolis Block Services – PART01