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Free Backup for VMware, Hyper-V, Physical servers by Vembu BCDR Solution

Last week Vembu released a Free Version of their BCDR suite which is over and above Paid Version. In the Free version, Vembu is heavily focusing on organizations who do not have a proper backup mechanism for Virtual Servers, Physical Servers, and Desktops. For the first month you get access to full features of paid version, post 30 days you either have an option to insert key or product automatically changes into the Free version.

What is in Free Version?

Vembu has included essential features which are mandatory for backup to functions in the suite. Features mentioned below are available on all VMware, Hyper-V and Physical servers

  1. Agentless backup functionality for Image-Based Backup
  2. You can Backup VMs from vCenter. VCenter Integration is part of free edition
  3. There is no limit as to how many VMs you can backup in Free edition
  4. Options to backup full Operating system and or to exclude disk are part of the free edition
  5. Backup Transport mode e.g. SAN, Network is similarly available in the free version.
  6. Application-aware backup a feature I consider a must in any backup software is surprisingly a part of free edition
  7. Cross Hypervisor migration feature is also there in free Edition
  8. Free version not only allows you restore files but also have features to recover Exchange mailboxes, MS SQL Databases, MS SharePoint, Active Directory users, groups and File
  9. Web-based management, Backup Monitoring, and Reporting is still possible in free edition
  10. Singularly in Hyper-V, you can backup VMs stored on Cluster Shared Volumes
  11. For the Physical servers, you can backup GPT disks, do Raw Device Mapping disks and Pass-through disk mapping. Not only this, but you can also the backup Physical server with drives size more than 2 TB.
  12. Finally, you get end to end encryption, compression and scale out repository in Vembu

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Migrate from any hypervisor to any hypervisor using vembu

We can use Vembu to migrate VMs to any hypervisor. Such tools are available in the market, but what is unique about Vembu it offers this feature as a part of the backup suite. I can backup VM in VMDK (VMWare) format and restore it to hyper-v format. This Feature can of great use if you are using different hypervisor in DR than in production. Let me describe the use case.

Use Case: Migrate from VMware to Hyper-V, VMware to KVM, Hyper-V to VMware, Hyper-V to KVM, KVM to Hyper-V, KVM to VMware  (Any to Any Hypervisor) Continue reading Migrate from any hypervisor to any hypervisor using vembu

Configuring Backup Job in Vembu

In earlier posts (Post:01, Post:02) I gave a brief over of Vembu Backup production. I have consciously still not covered the installation of Vembu. But I will keep that aside. In this post, I shall walk you through how to configure backup job and multiple options that are available.

After you install the straightforward, simplest product I have ever seen, you point the browser to https://localhost:6061 and below page welcomes you.

Vembu BDR Suite Logon Page
Vembu BDR Suite Logon Page

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