Change CPU/MMU Virtualization Settings in the vSphere Web Client


ESXi can determine whether a virtual machine should use hardware support for virtualization. It makes this determination based on the processor type and the virtual machine. Overriding the automatic selection can provide better performance for some use cases.





  1. Select a virtual machine.
  2. In the VM Hardware panel, click Edit Settings.
  3. Click Virtual Hardware.
  4. Click the CPU triangle to expand the CPU settings.
  5. From the CPU/MMU Virtualization drop-down menu, select an instruction set.
    1. Automatic
    2. Software CPU and MMU
    3. Hardware CPU, Software MMU
    4. Hardware CPU and MMU
  6. Click OK.




Note: If a selected setting is not supported by the host or conflicts with existing virtual machine settings, the settings will be ignored and the Automatic selection will be used.