ESXCLI–new scripting tool of vsphere 5.0

With vsphere 5.0 new scripting tool is introduced. It is one of the simplest scripting commands I have ever seen. It has some resemblance with powershell. Every thing has option and made into get/set style commands. Being a powershell fan, I’m loving it Smile

Let’s find the ESX version. First enable ESXi shell. You can enable it from vCenter or from DCUI. Easiest way is vCenter

Enable ESXi shell

Let’s find the vmware version. Type in following command

esxcli system version get


you want to learn the options under esxcli system, just type in

esxcli system


To check the CPU details type in

esxcli hardware cpu list


In below example we brought down one of the nic but you do not get any confirmation.

esxcli network nic down -n=vmnic

It was at least expected to output “command was successful” but for some reason it is not doing so. So in order to confirm it, I have to run another command

esxcli network nic list