Physical server image level backup using vembu

Physical server Image level backup is also possible in Vembu BDR suite. It is the exclusive feature in comparison with other backup products. In cloud era do we need a solution for physical servers? My answer is 200% Yes. The fact that green field is 100% virtual is a reality on the one hand, but on another hand, it is only 10-20% of the complete story. Most of the IT infrastructure is a brown field. It is the mix of physical servers and virtual servers. So far all products which focus on virtualization of the backup product has failed or had the biggest hinder in deciding it.
You do not believe me? Ok, check Veeam they have started with introducing backup agent for the physical server, but it was free of cost and support on best effort basis. The demand for the solution for physical server back was so high that they have to introduce this feature.

Vembu is the 360-degree solution for your backup. It offers Virtual machine image level backup based on Hyper-V and VMware. It provides agent level back up for KVM.

There is no image level backup solution for any KVM-based hypervisor yet. And there is a reason for it. Till the date, KVM does not have CBT (Changed Block Tracking) feature available. Without CBT, image level backup is like copying same 100 GB file VM file daily which means no optimization, no de-depude as a result more backup window. So it is not a backup vendor but KVM contributors who have to explore this area. But this has not stopped business from adopting KVM. The KVM based Hypervisor is getting popular and will continue to become more mature. When I read this article (by Alastair Cooke @DemitasseNZ)it is evident VMware is now focusing on VSAN and NSX, vSphere is the 3rd priority. So it gives the huge opportunity for the KVM-based hypervisor to have parity feature with vSphere.

How does Vembu help KVM-based hypervisor platform?

Vembu has developed its CBT driver (Windows Hardware Signed) Agent who offers more or less similar benefits as you would get image level backup solution available on Hyper-V and VMware. CBT Driver is solely dependent on VSS. Without VSS driver it will be futile.

Vembu not only offers the solution for Windows and Linux but also for MAC OS. They have the desktop level backup solution for Windows and MAC. I hope my argument on 360-degree backup solution covering every aspect of the datacenter is justified. Ok, below is picture worth 10,000


Here, I will be walking through on how to do the backup Physical server using Vembu. Let me first tell you it is straightforward. It is not something way different, but we must know how to do it. To take an image level backup of Windows server, you have to install agent “Vembu ImageBackup.”  This agent is single executable file applicable to all Windows server platform beginning from 2003 SP2 to 2012 R2 and Hopefully very soon 2016 and as well as Windows Desktops Platform Windows XP SP2 to Windows 10.

Installation & Configuration of Agent

After you have downloaded the executable, following the installation steps.

image  image image image image image

Browser will automatically point to localhost:4545 image


Select the time zone


Enter IP Address/FQDN of Vembu Backup Server


Next screen you are warned that post installation of driver server will reboot.


Select the disk to protect. By default, system disk is selected.


Configure the schedule for backup. Since I’m setting weekly backup, I have to choose GFS retention which ensures backup are merged at least once in a month.

image  image

Finally, review the backup job settings; provide a suitable name for the job. As observed in other Job types,  we also have here the option to run the back immediately after creating the Job.


Backup Time

On 1 Gbps LAN, it took 3 hours to backup of 339 GB of data.