Two Weeks in 2017

Two weeks have passed like a flash, and I could sense things are flooding be information or for that matter work. I want to blog about Nutanix. But no time so far. I finished two posts on Nutanix Block Service here and here. I have yet to complete 3rd part. I’m hoping to finish it before next week. As I’m on Nutanix, I’m extremely glad to be considered as Nutanix Technology Champion 2017


In this post, I’m covering what has happened for last two weeks. I must regret what’s going on is missing

Microsoft Azure Exams Promotion is here.  Please go and enroll. At least I have enrolled.

Learn and build Azure skills
Learn and build Azure skills

Are you still thinking about advancing your skills on Public Cloud? Read what this VCDX is planning.

Good Read White paper to build an efficient Availability strategy for your remote and branch offices by Veeam.

In Brief,

  1. What are the characteristic of modern data center and how Veeam is supporting those changes

  2. Integration with the Public Cloud. I came across this restore directly feature (I think 9.5 exclusive feature) to Azure

  3. The importance of 3-2-1 principle.  With Veeam 3-2-1 can be achieved using

  4. Replicate VMs to another location

  5. Moving backup jobs to remote location using Backup Copy Job

  6. Moving Backup job to Public cloud using Veeam Cloud Connect

  7. Finally, tape  out the backup


Veeam agent for Microsoft Windows is supported for Windows Server as Window Desktops


self-service restore of file server and choice of file types restore

Lot of people fail to understand file servers are having low rate of change on the underlying disk as most read rather write operations

Azure Backup protects against ransomware

The article explains how critical it is to ensure backup are inaccessible to a malicious attacker. Similar post done by Veeam has been shared by me here. Azure backup has introduced new features to provide enhanced protection for the backup data. Further, you can read FBI Recommendation on backing up data to offsite/cloud here.

If a hacker does delete backup data, Azure Backup will store the deleted backup data for up to 14 days after deletion.

Know your design – My approach for VCDX defense prep

This is the core skill any Architecture must hold. In the know, your design post, Paul (VCDX) does a great job. I  appreciate for putting these thoughts in the post. I’m also the big fan of this VCAP-DCD design which I used during my exam preparation.

What’s New with vSphere 6.5

Test-drive the full capabilities of vSphere 6.5 by running the new hands-on lab!

New Walkthroughs for vCenter High Availability

There is no better way to learn vSphere and its new features. Walk through focuses on the use case and new features and configuration you must be aware of.


AOS 5.0: Performance improvements in Nutanix AHV

Kees explains the improvements in AHV. I’m seriously impressed with AHV and where it is heading. The only passionate company can take KVM to the next level. So far I have not heard any major features on other KVM version.  But with KVM the biggest improvement (To Me) is about writing a driver to leverage Change Block Tracking (CBT).  CBT feature was crucial as it was stopping from all Vendors to provide image level backup for KVM.

In my personal experience, I have noticed latency decreased by 50% just by updating AOS version which AOS 4.5 to AOS 4.7

Setting Up and Using Acropolis File Services (AFS) on Nutanix AOS 5.0

AFS is the killing feature, and its impact will very soon be seen in the industry. In the traditional world, you have to depend on EMC/NetApp and other vendors for NAS functionality for just for VDI which again adds the huge cost to it. I can’t forget the Antivirus required just for NAS filer. With this release, even it is supported on ESXi.

Below Dennis walks us through AFS setup