What’s new–vSphere 5.0

Very good blog series started by Simon Greaves on new features of vSphere 5.0. Hope it will help us all to clear VCP510. Best of luck

Below are the links. Thank you Simon

  1. http://simongreaves.co.uk/blog/vsphere-5-whats-new-and-relevant-for-the-vcp-5-part-1 – General improvements

  2. http://simongreaves.co.uk/blog/vsphere-5-whats-new-and-relevant-for-the-vcp-5-part-2 – Talks about Storage

  3. http://simongreaves.co.uk/blog/vsphere-5-whats-new-and-relevant-for-the-vcp-5-part-3 –Talks about High Availability